Tip #112: Moving Day Checklist

Know exactly what to do on moving day with this checklist. 

The boxes are packed, the movers have been scheduled. All that awaits is moving day, but what does moving day really entail? Be moving day ready. 

Moving Out

  • Arrange to be on hand for last minute details and to give directions to movers. 
  • Leave the whole day for your move. Don’t plan to go back to work, arrange a dinner date, etc. (For more on this, check out Tip #7
  • Have payment for movers on hand. Avoid having to run out to the bank. 
  • Before leaving, check each room and closet. (For more, check out Tip #8)
  • When you leave, turn off lights, close windows and lock doors. 
Moving In
  • Supervise placement of boxes and furniture. 
  • Check for damages. Inspect large items; look for boxes that are crushed or open. Inform the moving foreman and review the claims procedure with him. 
  • Go back to the truck. Make sure nothing was left behind. Check all the compartments where fragile items are often kept for their protection. 

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